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Helloooo Stinkers!!

Simon Hetherington is a children's author, illustrator, comedian and entertainer from the North East of England. Simon has always been passionate about writing, drawing, storytelling and most of all - making people laugh! 

It was inevitable that Simon would take the career path that he did in the entertainment industry.

His passion project became 'Colin the Monster' - a funny little fellow with an onion for a head and sausage fingers!! His book about Colin was a collaboration between him and his then 6 year old daughter, Isabella. 

During the 1st UK lockdown during the global pandemic in 2020, Simon started streaming live art classes for kids with the help of his wife Rebecca and even his children Isabella and Joel on occasion.  Unbeknown to him the art classes became a  massive hit and Simon gained a large following of "Stinkers" as he lovingly calls his pupils!  

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Marisa, Parent

My daughters drawing skills have come on so much since watching your stream. You take the stress out of learning a new skill and make it fun! 

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Helen, Parent

Amazing what your doing, we are so thankful for these lessons, my daughter loves them and it is a welcome break from the normal school work so thank you

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Paula, Parent

We think you are hilarious! We especially love it when you and Rebecca have banter! It's made such a difference to our lockdown experience. Thank you!